Vampire Obscura

If you are new to the Vampire Obscura Project then this is the movie you want to start with since it sets the tone and sort of, kind of and vaguely lays out a premise for the series. Vampire Obscura was recorded over in Bronson Canyon in North Hollywood in September of 2015. Utilizing minimal crew Lawrence Hollie and actress/model Isabel Lappiere worked on the film under the sweltering late summer sun with few production resources beyond the script at their disposal. Lawrence describes Isabel as “a true artist and generous to a fault. When it came time for her character to be bitten by the vampire she gave of herself 100 percent to the scene where other actresses may have taken pause for fear of fetish overtones or some other such nonsense”. Vampire Obscura was retroactively christened as the first story in the Vampire Obscura “canon” and it currently contains the closest account of an origin for the recurring character of Bob the vampire.