Vampire Obscura Gaiden Episode 16 aka Bob vs. Crusher J

In retrospect I’m not entirely sure why I created this short film under my Vampire Obscura Gaiden banner but that’s what I went and did back in October of 2015. What was Vampire Obscura Gaiden you ask? The Gaiden series was another side project to the main Vampire Obscura series only thing is the Gaiden videos showcased the vampire attacks exclusively and with no narrative context to speak of. The Gaidens were not fetish pieces but were designed in such a way to portray a fatal sort of beauty to a vampire attack. The Gaidens were bizarre, esoteric, abstract and bankrupt of any sort of narrative which further complicates the existence of this particular installment since it is a bonafide narrative. See what happens when Bob the vampire goes up against a wrestler who will stop at nothing to acquire his vampiric powers.