Possessions is more of a ghost possession film than a vampire attack piece but rest assured that Bob the vampire does make an appearance in this one. The idea for Possessions was based on my upbringing in the Jehovah’s Witness cult. If you spend enough time with the JW’s you will eventually hear stories of someone, somewhere owning an object that was supposedly cursed by demons. All manner of strange things occur when someone owns a possessed object and you can expect to see anything and expect anything. Bizarre human shaped mists, floating objects and outright body possession are some of the weird things that JW’s have documented when they ran afoul of demon enchanted objects. Of course the JW’s didn’t invent this idea, demon cursed objects and stories of them are almost as old as time itself. I think that the whole demon cursed heirloom is a strange tale and I did my best to give you the creeps with my take on the idea in my short film, Possessions.