La Casa Del Mal (The House Of Evil)

Try not to laugh too hard at my haphazard attempt at a Spanish language vampire movie. La Casa Del Mal was a HUGE effort, this was the first and so far the only entry into the Vampire Obscura Project that features a cast beyond two people. Hey, moviemaking is a costly affair and you can’t always get away with paying actors via gift certificates to Subway and a couple of pizzas during break. My inspirations for this one were various vintage grindhouse Spanish horror films and more specifically, a Japanese horror film from the 70s called House. La Casa Del Mal is far, FAR tamer than House which is as surreal as mainstream Japanese horror films could be back in the 70s, about the only thing La Casa Del Mal and House have in common is that a bunch of young women encounter supernatural events in a large and creepy house. La Casa Del Mal: