The Vampire Obscura Project was a comedy horror movie anthology that I worked on between 2009 and 2016. Through the years the project was subjected to changes in tone, length and financial hardships. Often times I was unable to begin shooting any of the vignettes due to low funds or the fact that I was unable to secure a filming location. However, here we are in 2016 and I can say that the project has finally reached it’s conclusion. I believe that I accomplished my goal of creating a noir-like and surreal series of short movies that capture the bipolar nature of the eccentric Bob the vampire, star of the Vampire Obscura Project. I hope that you will enjoy these strange and unique entries into vampire lore that were created with love by me, Lawrence Hollie.



    • Firstly your comment comes off like a command. Normally folks request as follows “Please post the video with …”
      Second. No. If you read one of my posts you would note that I’ve omitted certain videos and I elaborated by writing that if a video is gone it’s gone for a reason and please do not request it. In summation, no. The video featuring Ms. Ho is unavailable indefinitely i.e. never to return.


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