Here are the steps for donating to my video projects and donation promos with an incentive.

1. Let me know the payment method you use and I’ll tell you the name of my account to send the money to by send me a DM to my Instagram account @vampireobscura73main.

2. After I provide you with my account name send the money with a note detailing the following information: Your Instagram screen name, the reason for donating i.e. donation goal promo, general fan donation, etc.

3. Next follow up with me via DM on my Instagram account @vampireobscura73main with a screenshot of the video clip you would like from my store as part of this particular donation drive. Along with the screenshot of the clip let me know which app you used to send the donation so I can be thorough in keeping track of things. Lastly let me know an email address you’d like me to use in order to send the videos to you. If you have a dropbox account or google drive and you want me to send the videos to one of those accounts let me know.

4. Once I have all of your info give me at least a day to prepare the videos to send to you since I often have to process several orders and deal with the occasional slow upload time.

5. Incentives are only valid when stated as part of a promo. Standard fan donations that aren’t made in response to a promo will have the funds utilized in the production of the next video shoot.

6. Please keep DMs simple, to the point and business related. Thank you.

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