The status of the Vampire Obscura Project.

Hey true fans, how goes it? Yeah. I say true fans because you special frw actually take the time to look at my website and not be like the mooches asking for free content and they had no idea this site even existed. There was this one guy in particular who would slather me praise and then work in a plea for free stuff in there, always with the sentence “But I’m a fan bro.” Look, if one has to keep asserting their fandom then how much of a true fan are they really? Furthermore if said person is a true fan then it stands to reason that they would excercise some patience in waiting for new material or at the very least be ready to pay for the footage they want to see. None of the content I make grows on trees, it’s far more difficult to make this footage than it seems. It’s at the point now where creating the vampire footage is a bonafide job. Often times I’m creating the footage against the crush of a clock, studio rental time, the model’s time and all the nonsense of an entire camera crew being handled by myself alone. Alas, stuff still gets done.

At any rate, the status of the Vampire Obscura project is active and though it takes me a while to create new content, you can be sure that new videos are coming down the pipe in the near future.


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