Well excuuuuse me..

Wow. Pardon me for trying. I had no idea loading video clips for sale would take so darn long to do. Let’s rewind the clock back a bit so you’ll know what’s going on. Ya see, for the past decade and change I’ve been fortunate in cultivating a group of dedicated fans who have clamored for new vampire bite footage. Amusingly, despite my efforts at creating avant garde videos with some creative flourishes there is a group of fans who always ask me for videos that are “just the bites”. In other words there are fans of my work who want vampire bite videos and nothing more. These particular fans aren’t interested in any sort of narrative or creative touches, they just want to revel in the primal specatacle of a denizen of the undead sensually draining the life from some beautiful mortal woman. I can’t blame them for wanting such footage, done right such visuals are both horrifying and beautiful in a macabre way. Once I got the narrative pieces out of the way it was always my plan to make a series of videos that were indeed “just the bites”.

The immediacy of Youtube and various video websites of ill repute have spoiled people to a point where paying for content feels like robbery. “Why should I pay to see your videos when I can just look up similar things on Youtube for free?” is what one “fan” asked me once. My counter to that was that not everyone produces content of the quality that I do and furthermore what incentive is their for me to spend money producing these videos for nothing? Adding to that was the fact that a few unscrupulous individuals were taking my work and uploading it, without my permission, to other websites. There may even be people stealing my work and selling it, who really knows? All that considered I decided it was high time to start putting a price tag to my wares.

Think of it this way too, I don’t get rich from people purchasing my videos. Any money that I have made in the past has gone right back into the production of new and better content. Don’t get me wrong, my aim is indeed to make some sort of a profit off of my work and if I’m lucky maybe I’ll make a whopping $10 off my loyal viewers. A man can dream. And hey, it costs money to make these videos. I have to rent a studio, buy props, pay the models, buy gas to drive to the studio and then it takes a great deal of time to edit and finally upload the content. Uploading the content has taken WAY longer than expected, either the files are big or the site has a weird file uploader, I don’t know. Point is the process has taken longer than it needs to but I have been working hard to get all these new and exciting vampire attack clips to all my awesome and loyal fans. I know that both of them will be so happy.

I’ll close out this update by thanking all my fans for their words, suggestions and support. There aren’t many folks who make the sort of videos that I do and I don’t think there will be for some time, my work is niche and very precise and simply put there isn’t anyone else who has the inclination, drive and insanity to do what I do the way I do it. With this in mind I will not honor requests for free footage, asking me for free videos is an insult if the highest order. Being a mooch is an insult to me and a middle finger to the fans who do support my work monetarily so if you feel yourself getting hot and bothered and you want something from my vaults, you can ask but be prepared to break out your wallet.

That’s it for now. My true fans are the best around, I thank them for their loyalty and their interest in my product.