My music video cover to the darkwave song, Even For All Those Years by Demars

I stumbled upon the song Even For All Those Years by Demars while looking for obscura new wave songs from the early 80s. No other song that I’ve heard in my life comes close to conveying the joy, darkness and horrifying ramifications of addiction and in this context, the sometimes terrible reality of being a vampire. If ever there were a final statement on my life experiences as a vampire and the nocturnal, isolated grapplings with my vampiric tendencies and their addictive trappings then Even For All Those Years by Demars is that song. Screw some comforting sign off on the headstone I’ll never have, this song is my last statement to the humanity when I finally go. Here is my music video tribute to Even For All Those Years by Demars.


Check out my short vampire movie called PAIN

Lonliness and desperation can do strange things to the mind and perception of reality. Under the spell of despair we can imagine that everyone else has something we don’t and if not careful we may end up coveting things we can’t have. In Pain a lonely photographer becomes smitten with the beauty of her photo model and under the thumb of depression and despair the photographers demons get the best of her. Feel the pain of lust, depression and greed for the flesh of another. Watch PAIN, a short vampire movie by Lawrence Hollie:

Watch Night Terrors, a short vampire feature by Lawrence Hollie

What’s real and what’s imagined? Reality is what we make it to be, it’s how we perceive the world. Could it be that Bob the vampire projects so much negativity that those feelings became sentient and manifested themselves into human form? Or is guilt and insecurity getting the better of him? Strange but true, even vampires are tormented by personal demons in the lonely witching hours. Be there for Bob the vampire as he experiences….Night Terrors:

Watch The Siren’s Song, a short vampire movie by Lawrence Hollie

Bob th vampire may have to bone up on his ghost busting skills when he meets a beautiful young singer who has a little more than a frog in her throat..she seems to have a legion of ghosts stuck in her windpipe and they are forcing her to make some evil sounds. Ghostly possession, vampires and hijinks are all here. Check out, The Siren’s Song: