And here’s another one of my vampire short movies for you! Watch “One From The Unexpected Files.” directed by Lawrence Hollie

Uh oh. Bob the vampire, what are we gonna do with this guy? During one of his nightly blood raids he stumbles upon a voluptuous woman who is nonplussed by his fiendish needs. She thinks Bob is hilarious what with his nervous demeanor and funny looking fangs. Will Bob be able to woo the woman enough in order to get just a taste of her blood? Does she actually want to be bitten? Will Bob find the love of his life? See for yourself:


Check out my short feauture, Vampire Obscura.

Is this photographer for real? Beautiful LA model Sara goes to meet a photographer for what was supposed to be a simple photo shoot. But what’s with his strange mask and his creepy fixation on her neck? Find out what the hell is going on in Vampire Obscura, directed by Lawrence Hollie.