Today’s featured short film is The Siren’s Song

At one point in the Vampire Obscura Project I had intended to craft an 80 minute movie comprised of all the short films with interstitials providing the narrative through line for continuity. Ultimately I decided not to go through with a feature length anthology and opted instead to release each short as it’s own thing. Had I gone through and created the anthology film The Siren’s Song would have represnted a turning point in Bob the vampire’s blood lust and a story centering around Bob’s redemption was considered. Alas that didn’t happen either, but The Siren’s Song is here and available for viewing.


Today’s featured short film is Vampire Obscura: To Hell And Back

I’m specifically proud of my short film Vampire Obscura: To Hell And Back because it nails the surreal vibe and sensual vibe I was going for almost 100 percent. Boy oh boy did I edit the hell out of this one. I have to give honorable mention to actress/model Isabel Lapierre who gave of her beauty and talent whole souled, she was all in in order to make this film work. Isabel, my hat is off to you, thank you.


Believe it or not I have an update to the Vampire Obscura Project news.

To all those who are still hoping for a new short vampire film to appear on this website, well, you are sort of in luck. I’ve received several inquiries asking me if and when any new projects in the Vampire Obscura Project are forthcoming and the answer is both yes and no. Yes because I still have about two unedited vignettes that I recorded back in 2015 and I’m just now getting around to doing serious edits on the both of them. To be honest it was really hard getting in the right headspace to dive back into vampire stuff again after embarking on marathon edit sessions to complete the 5 or so other vignettes that currently exist, not to mention the twenty Vampire Obscura Gaiden videos that I put together. At this point however I realize that there isn’t going to be a better time to finish the last two videos in the project and so I’m giving the effort both barrels. I aim to finish these two vignettes and have them posted up by the end of May or by mid June at the latest.

The second bit of information I have relates to all of the vampire footage I recorded that doesn’t quite fit into any sort of major narrative. Details are still fuzzy regarding my intentions for the outlying footage but my guess is that I’ll either craft new Vampire Obscura Gaiden installments out of them OR I’ll make extra secret videos that I will embed within this here websites that only the diehard fans will bother looking for. If I go with the latter then you can expect that there will be clues and indicators on where to look, I won’t leave anyone totally out in the cold.

Lastly I just want to thank all of the fans who have indeed stuck with the Vampire Obscura Project for all of these years and I appreciate those of you who put up with my pissy attitude when you request videos from me. In my defense I’ve said time and again that I will not honor any requests for video file sharing of any kind nor will and nor can I honor request for custom made videos unless the ones making the request are willing to back the endeavor financially via donations. I think this website has everything you need in order to get full enjoyment out of my Vampire Obscura Project.

Once again, thank you for your support!

  • Lawrence Hollie