Just In Case You Thought I Left The Internet.

Fans of my Vampire Obscura Project need not worry, I’m not leaving the internet, not this ┬átime. All I’ve done is scaled things back a bit in accordance with my plan to officially conclude the Vampire Obscura Project. While it’s true that as of this moment there are still two vignettes that I’m editing, I currently have no intentions of creating any new ones. Ten years (if you want to be technical it’s kind of sort of 20 years) on a single film project is long enough and I have other ambitions and projects I’d like to get on with. However the work that I’ve created in this vampire epic will remain here baring any unfortunate circumstance. It’s been a long road, at times it was a bit of a lonely one. I learned a lot about myself and humanity in general through the production of this project. Through the Vampire Obscura Project I took a fixation and mild obsession and through the art of filmmaking I guided said obsession to it’s logical conclusion and in a way I’m sort of purged of all things vampire. Sort of. Somethings never quite go away. I went from that guy who would say “I have so many ideas that I don’t know where to begin.” to “I have to get these mother effing films into festivals and not go broke doing it.” I made good with my ambitions to create some trippy vampire films that I always wanted to see. None of the films are flawless, they are quite imperfect in fact, but I think their imperfections are part of their charm and I am proud of each one of them.

And so, here we are at the terminus of the project, the end point, the conclusion. What left do I have to say about the Vampire Obscura? Well. I thank all of the fans who stuck with it over the years. I know that at times I acted like a crab apple but that was only when certain folks where making strange or inappropriate requests. I get that some people choose to see my work as nothing more than odd and creepy little fetish films and you know what? That’s fine by me. I didn’t come into this world to tell folks how to think so if they choose to see the world through such a limiting lens than far be it from me to tell them otherwise. The last thing I will do is waste my breath justifying or defining what Vampire Obscura is to someone who chooses to see it one way. I just as soon let them inflate whatever meaning they want into it. Thank you all and keep enjoying the videos.

  • Lawrence Hollie – December 22, 2016

Gone but not forgotten.

Here’s a brief update for fans of the Vampire Obscura Project. Due to some unforeseen events there are a few vignettes that I can no longer show in any form in any medium. These things happen sometimes but those are the breaks. I would appreciate if you would not request to see these deleted videos, if they are gone then they are gone for a reason. In the meantime you can absolutely watch the remaining videos until your heart is content.

Thank you,

Lawrence Hollie