The end of one road and the beginning of another by Lawrence Hollie

At long last after years upon years of money spent searching for talent, hours of editing and nail biting tension, my Vampire Obscura film project has drawn to an official close. Yesterday, August 4, 2016, I began the process of entering each one of my vampire vignettes into various film festivals across the world with the intentions of gaining attention of filmmaking peers and possibly winning a prize or two because why not? You want to know what’s funny? The naysayers. Yeah. There were a few folks who upon learning that I was sending out festival submissions started right in with how fickle the judges are and that being accepted into the festivals is so hard. Hard? Sure, ok. Being born was hard, I came out of the womb with an umbilical cord strangling me until my face was turning purple but I ended up ok. Sort of. It depends who you ask. Make sure you don’t ask my mom, she’ll have some choice words about me for sure. Hah. I digress. What I’m trying to say is that the naysayers, either motivated by their own defeat, demons or their jealousy just had to put in their two cents in an attempt to pour water on the raging fires of my motivation. Ultimately, other than this article, I paid them no mind. In fact part of the ingredients that compose the bedrock that the Vampire Obscura Project was founded on was the strength of my resolve in the face of indifference. Let me explain, I promise that there is a lesson for you in all of this.

It isn’t lost on me that under certain circumstances and from certain points of view the vignettes in my Vampire Obscura series can be misconstrued as fetish films. Sure, there are plenty of beautiful women wearing low cut tank tops bearing plenty of cleavage featured through the vignettes. Yeah I know, there are plenty of lingering shots of fangs straddling necks, ample shots of women bearing their throats to the camera that hangs on the image a little longer than normal. But I will insist to my dying day that the vampire films I create are absolutely not designed to be fetish films or pornography of any kind. Rather, every image I put on screen, every scene and every line of dialogue, comes from a deep, dark place within my soul. The vignettes in Vampire Obscura are fanciful exaggerations of my thoughts and experiences based around romance and any insecurities and fixations I had while growing up. I understand that whatever intended message I may be trying to convey can get lost in the bizarre and somewhat sensual imagery but there is plenty of subtext there if you decide to look for it. Isn’t that part of the fun of art? You get to draw your own conclusions and whatever truth you formulate is yours and unique to you. I can tell you all day long that my vignettes mean one thing while you might insist that they mean something else entirely and that’s fine, that is your truth. You can choose to see them anyway you want to as long as you realize that your definition is exclusive to you and isn’t absolute. On the other side of the fence I’m well aware that there is a part of my fanbase that derive sensual pleasure from my surreal cinematic romps and that too is ok. Getting off on vampiric imagery isn’t the strangest of fetishes to emerge out of pop culture. I mean come on, have you ever heard of furries? You know. The folks who get off on imagery of anthropomorphic animal characters doing suggestive things? That’s a thing and some people love it. They love it. I’m not here to judge anyone but my point is that the movies I create and art in the abstract are subjective and it’s a viewers job to come up with conclusions that make sense to them.

The naysayers will always be around. If you create art there will almost always be someone who doesn’t get what you do and they may get very vocal about it. My advice? Persevere. See your work through to the end and do not falter under any circumstances. In conclusion I’ll say thank you to my fans who stuck it out through all the years with me. Sometimes you all drove me nuts with your suggestions and requests and I did get irritated but never once did I resent any of you, I thank you all for your support and fandom. I’ll even thank my naysayers because it was you guys who made me realize that what I was doing was right. In the toughest of moments I would recall your disparaging words and the fire in my belly we be rekindled. Onward to victory I would go. Over and out.