The Vampire Obscura Production Progress Report

It’s been a while everyone but rest assured I have my head down and in the trenches fighting to make the Vampire Obscura feature film a reality. As I type this I’m in a studio editing one of the NEW vignettes that will be featured in the finished movie. Now keep in mind Vampire Obscura is an anthology and will consist of altered versions of some existing short works of mine that you can screen online at my two Youtube pages:
(The Vampire Obscura Project) and (Lawrence Hollie’s Official Youtube Page) However there will also be entirely new content that will be included which consist of two, possibly three new vignettes and some old content that I used to have available on Youtube years ago. I’m frequently asked by fans of my work if I will ever make vampire biting footage available again in some form. While I love sharing my work with folks who truly enjoy it I’m at a stage in my life where it is not economically logical to do so. Truth is that there is quite a bit of money that goes into making the videos that fans love and as a result raw footage of my older attacks was made available on a donation basis with an aim to help fund the new productions that are now in progress. Going forward I am looking into different strategies in order to bring those old clips back to fans in a pay per view service which will not only allow fans to enjoy the older stuff but all funds will go toward the production of new material. Keep in mind that the models, studio time, equipment rentals, transportation and occasional crew fees cost money and at the moment I am a one man enterprise. I’ve been courting corporate and private sponsorship and indeed have generated interest the project, people in high places are seeing the potential in my unique vision. But that’s all in the waiting. And what about the Vampire Obscura feature itself? When is the release date? I’m gunning for a completion target of April 2015, following festival screenings and the like I will make the whole feature available…but not on Youtube due to their draconian copyright laws. Rest assured I will have an update here when the release date is imminent. I am whole heartedly asking all the fans to think about how much you love the footage I’ve created and think about the possibilities of what I can do with monetary support. I’ve even had conversations with several actresses and models about doing webcam vampire videos so there’s that as well. Imagine seeing a live vampire encounter via web with my unique style. Not a bad idea at all. Keep checking in and enjoy the videos I have currently available.

Best and thank you,
Lawrence Hollie
Producer and Director of Vampire Obscura