Vampire Obscura Foreward

VAMP POSTER ..111991369586_8ae2be662f_cBeauty and terror. What a compelling combination. My motion picture titled Vampire Obscura is a visual extravaganza which celebrates the
appealing combination of undead monsters craving the flesh of the living in a black and white, grind house cinematic anthology. The thread that
holds all the stories together is the character of Bob, a man who was recently turned into a vampire and suffering from his growing need to prey
on humanity. The viewer will be taken on a stream of conscience style trek through insanity and lust as Bob steadily loses his grip on self
control and slowly succumbs to dark desires. Other features include the anecdotes of a woman who role plays as a vampire, a detective in pursuit of
a woman fell prey to a vampire’s blood lust and vampire women on the prowl for some new recruits. Currently we are seeking donations to record 20 more
minutes worth of stories in order to bring the anthology to 70 minutes in length which is enough to qualify Vampire Obscura as a feature film. Help us
complete this ode to one of the most compelling and seductive monsters ever to grace the silver screen.