Well, I have some of my videos back online..SOME..not ALL.

In what has turned out to be a long and somewhat tricky process I have REuploaded some of my vampire videos to archive.org once again. Not sure why I didn’t just stick with archive.org in the first place since a) They supposed to be an online resource that hosts uploaded media in perpetuity and b) As far as I know they don’t have sundry restrictions like Youtube. I the thing about archive.org is that it is an unglamorous online media resource that doesn’t have the “sexy” online presence like a Youtube or Vimeo. F that. I’ll stick with archive going forward. And hey, my videos are easier to download from there for those folks who want to rip them from the web to watch them ON YOUR OWN COMPUTER FOR YOUR OWN ENJOYMENT. Lol. Seriously folks, PLEASE do not rip and reload my work elsewhere. I’ll slowly be be putting links to my work back here on this website. In the meantime I will only have the short films and one long one but for nw there won’t be any Gaidens or Vampire Memories, for some reason those are problematic to upload.