Two new neck and vampire fetish clips are in my store!

Do you likebig boobed blondes getting throat sucked or would you rather see a hot tattooed goth girl get her boobs sucked on and neck bitten? Why not see both! Visit my store for these new videos! Happy Holidays!


Rewind: Revisiting my short vampire movie, The Siren’s Song

These days I’ve been concentrating on producing overtly sensual vampire video content due to fan demand and economics. A few years ago however I used to create short vampire movies that maintained a very loose continuity around the antics of hapless romantic and the enternally horny, Bob the vampire. Bob, in his quest to drink blood and fondle boobs, would periodically find himself on the wrong side of luck. The Siren’s Song is a perfect example of Bob hilariously getting in way over his head in an attempt to bite a young woman who may or may not be possessed by a legion of malevolent spirits. Check out my short vampire comedy, The Siren’s Song.

Exclusive neck & vampire fetish videos now available in my online store.

Hey everybody. In case you haven’t already done so, be sure to check out the neck and vampire fetish videos that are exclusive to my online store. Piracy aside I can assure you that these videos will only ever be available through my iwantclips store and should that go belly up, I’ll have them available in another online store. Visit this link to buy the full videos of the footage you see in this preview: