I stand corrected…I think.

And as soon as I thought I lost my Internet Archive library, POOF, my videos are viewable again. Wtf?! Not sure what’s going on but there ya go. You can see my free vampire video content on my Internet Archive site..until some other bullcrap happens. Sheesh. Here’s an old favorite:

Another hurdle, another solution.

Regular visitors to my Vampire Obscura Project website have surely noticed the sudden lack of availability to my free video content. The short answer is that the Internet Archive folks unceremoniously made my videos unavailable. First Youtube closes down my Vampire Obscura channel and now the Internet Archive of all places seems to have deemed my work as wildly inappropriate. Funny because there is saucier material available on Youtube already so what gives? At any rate I finally paid for one of the higher tier memberships on Vimeo in order to have access to increased storage space for my media. I am slowly populating this here website with my videos again with the caveats that a) they will be labeled as mature and b) accessible by password. Them’s the breaks for now folks.

It’s Official..Facebook is no longer a viable means to publicize The Vampire Obscura Project

Crazy me, I figured I’d give ol’ Facebook one more chance to help me get the word out about The Vampire Obscura Project. Ha! Within minutes of me reactivating The Vampire Obscura Project page, Facebook police slam me with a bunch of code violations saying that my photos which contained zero nudity and zero sex were none the less too saucy. Wow. Nonsense, but those are the breaks. What this means is that I’ll have a presence for The Vampire Obscura Project on most of the major internet social media platforms save for two of the biggest, Facebook and Youtube. People can’t handle a little cleavage and vampire biting.. what a world!

In other news I’ve been alerted to the situation of a “fan” of mine getting my videos from my online store and reselling them with whatever price he or she sees fit. Nice going. To this “fan” all I have to say is that you aren’t helping the situation. At least go and make your own videos and sell those, if you don’t contribute monetarily to mine it makes it more of a challenge to secure finances to create new footage. Hacks and thieves will be hacks and thieves. Thanks to the true fans who buy my work. Thanks to the true fans for their interest and kind words. Have a wonderful Halloween season.